Why Macy’s is Failing

Macy’s announced they are closing 100 stores and laying off nearly 10,000 employees. They’re blaming e-commerce. I’m calling bull. As long as I can remember Macy’s has always been the most outdated store at the mall. It was the store I’d pop into if I needed a pair of dress shoes on sale, maybe some MAC that I didn’t need any assistance looking for. Macy’s isn’t a victim of e-commerce, it’s a victim of itself.

Here’s the problem, Macy’s needs a complete overhaul. They need updated stores, better buyers, and new sales people. Let’s take this step by step.

Most Macy’s these days are dumps! Their flagship store has been making notable renovations, but what about your local mall? Stepping into most of these stores feels like taking a step back about twenty-something years. The layouts are a hard to navigate mess. Signage? A joke. Let’s not even start with the dressing rooms. Okay, I’ll start a little. The lighting is usually flickering and dim. There is little assistance to be found (I’ll get into that soon). And the carpeting. THAT CARPETING! It has not been replaced in years. I was in one fitting room that smelled like urine. I’m guessing (hoping) some small child left that gift while waiting for their parent and it was never cleaned. The stench was not only nauseating, but seemed to have been there for a very long time.

Our favorite print is back! Bring a little fun fashion to your wardrobe with our new and improved cat print sweater. Layer this piece over your favorite oxford shirt to step up your cold weather wear.:

an adorable Maison Jules sweater I purchased last year (photo: Macys.com)

Next complaint. The buyers. Okay, so once again, the Herald Square flagship store has some really great brands. They have designer jeans. All the makeup you can imagine. Even some in-house brands, such as Maison Jules. Many of these items are hard, if not impossible, to find in smaller stores. Why not sell the full Maison Jules line in Rockaway, NJ? Lord & Taylor, a store that had been heading towards dullsville most of my adult life, has turned itself around in the last few years and now has a lot of my favorite brands, even in the most random malls (see: Rockaway).

The biggest fail, however, are the employees. At any given time there are a handful of employees wandering the store, but try to checkout and there is usually only one counter open. The other counters are all DESERTED. Many employees act annoyed when you ask for help. They are unfamiliar with their own merchandise. They just don’t care. Maybe they’re underpaid. Maybe they’re mismanaged. Maybe they’re just miserable human beings. Listen, this isn’t to say I haven’t encountered some lovely people who are great at their jobs, but it’s sad to say they are few and far between. This isn’t just a Macy’s problem. This is a department store problem period. There’s a reason people are fed up with shopping in stores. It’s becoming a truly unpleasant experience.

Sound trumpet noise: IN CONCLUSION, if Macy’s updates (and cleans up!) their stores, brings in a greater variety of merchandise, and hires employees who truly care, I think they can make themselves a destination store again. #soapbox


Thank you note to Bauble Bar

I’ve found in my time shopping that customer service can make a huge difference. If I get bad service chances are I will not be coming back, especially with the wealth of places to shop. If I get great service you better believe you have my loyalty. Even when I don’t have much money I will make a point of making my purchase with you before looking elsewhere.

I’ve been shopping with BaubleBar for about six months now. I used to sell Stella & Dot and while I love their styles the prices were just too high for costume pieces. I found BaubleBar via birchbox, stila, or another company I get frequent emails from. I was looking for some pieces to wear to my dad’s wedding and purchased a few statement necklaces and some earrings. I ended up being given a necklace to wear, but I loved the jewelry so much I kept it all and continue to wear it regularly. I’ve been buying myself little treats here and there ever since.

I recently bought a pair of Mariposa ear jackets. They cost $32 which seemed pretty reasonable for an earring as complicated as these are. The main earring is a stud and then you can choose to hook onto the back this great bejeweled dangly piece that hangs behind your ear. I was nervous at first, I wasn’t sure if my ear could pull off the trend. I couldn’t be more wrong. They look awesome. They work dressy, they work casual with jeans. They make every outfit.

My only complaint with the studs was that the back fell off. This was probably my fault entirely, because I played with my earrings to the point where I lost the little silicone piece that goes behind the actual back. The earring probably got caught in my scarf, and the stud disappeared. Luckily the best part, the dangly piece got caught inside my coat and I found it before it was too late.

A few days ago I was browsing on BaubleBar to see what studs I could buy to replace my missing piece. Money is tight and I was hoping to find something inexpensive rather than repurchasing the whole earring. I clicked on the “chat with a stylist” option and got to video chat (well my mic wasn’t working, so I typed and awkwardly smiled at the camera while she chatted) with a great service rep, Nikki. I asked for her advice on what to purchase, and boy did she surprise me. Nikki arranged for my missing piece to be replaced. All I have to do is mail back the old earrings. I couldn’t be more excited or thankful. So if you come across this Nikki, thank you thank you thank you!

new earrings, an adorable layering necklace, and a beauty blender!

new earrings, an adorable layering necklace, and a beauty blender!

When the new earrings arrived a week later I was FLOORED. Not only were the earrings and a friendly note from Nikki included, but a “cheer up” layering necklace and a Beauty Blender were included. Did BaubleBar read my mind to know I’ve been playing with layering necklaces and learning how to use a Beauty Blender? Probably not, but I like that they seem to know me pretty well.

I will be a loyal customer of BaubleBar forever now. And I insist everybody go and check out their pieces. I have a referral code you can use, but I must emphasize this is NOT a sponsored post, this a 100% Maggerific inspired piece sharing my favorites with you, the reader. Use the code, don’t use the code, but please check out BaubleBar!

Who are you drinking?

my new motto: #coffeefirst

my new motto: #coffeefirst

My new motto lately has been #coffeefirst. Yes. Hashtag included. I purchased a bracelet from Baublebar with that expression and it has taken over my mornings. I’m not what you’d call a morning person. I usually wake up sleep-drunk (it’s a real thing, google it) and completely bleary-eyed. Against my better judgement I’ve become somewhat of a coffee addict. Oops.

As I clutched my Starbucks mocha latte, aka pure sugar and caffeine that I couldn’t receive via IV drip, I realized coffee has become a fashion accessory. Your coffee cup is even more front and center than the bag you carry. Not to mention that shiny, pretty, manicure. Accent nail accented by a caramel macchiato.

nice mani

nice mani

Each type of coffee seems to correspond to specific designer bags. Starbucks is the Michael Kors of coffee. It has a designer status and is overpriced, but everybody has one. Sometimes Michael Kors will have a real hit of a bag, much like the Pumpkin Spice latte, but then it goes mainstream and suddenly every person and her mother are carrying one around. It’s completely lost whatever makes it unique.

Dunkin Donuts is that store brand bag that’s easily available on every corner or station stop. It’s functional, and the plain ones can be downright amazing (we all need a basic black bag or a black coffee), but try to add some design or flavor and it’s very hit or miss. The price is right, though.

Places like La Colombe are hidden gems. You’re privileged if you can find one and it’s more expensive than you could ever imagine a cup of coffee being. It’s the Chloe bag only a few people know to lust after, but those in the know can’t stop thinking about it.
BYO coffee, brought from home. An exotic blend? Nobody knows what is hiding in your mug. Naturally stylish. Off the radar. A little mysterious. May have some booze mixed in. You never know. This is a chance to show off your own personal flair with your choice of mug or tumbler, to take the attention off of the drink inside. This can also be an enormous risk. Much like the coffee turning lukewarm, so too, can your style.
One thing is for certain in this world of putting our coffees first for the world to see- we must always accessorize with a nice manicure.
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The power of the outffit of the day (OOTD)

It’s a well known fact that women don’t dress up for men, they dress up for each other. And for me, it’s also for myself. Even if I’m not going to be seen by anybody, I love to put together a good outfit down to my sleepwear. It gives me some sort of giddy pleasure. It gives me purpose in an insane world, or some other Clueless-inspired quote.

I get the whole overabundance of selfies. No, I do not want to see a picture of you driving. Unless it’s hilarious. No, I do not care about you sitting at the computer at work. I understand if you’re just sending a cute picture to a friend, but the whole world? Come on. This is ONLY okay if it is some sort of a once in a blue moon situation, and if there is some sort of humor behind it (have you noticed the trend of needing humor in your selfies? remember this). I used to work with two young women who took selfies at work everyday. It wasn’t any type of special picture, they weren’t silly, they weren’t informative, it was just to show that they were there and smiling for whatever audience read their snapchats. I was always left scratching my head. But the people who have selfies with a purpose I not only understand, but even occasionally enjoy.

Hit a high note with your makeup today? Post it! I’ll like it. I want to see your cute outfit! That is, unless it’s almost the same outfit daily, just swapping the same shirt for a new color or print. That gets old and boring. But new combos? I love that stuff!

And in return, I have to submit my own personal wins. I spent nearly six years wearing scrubs. At first it was fun trying to dress those up. My most creative attempt was probably pairing polos or plaids underneath. My drawer of cute long sleeve shirts is a testament to my long attempts at perking up my daily uniform. Now that I’m free from that I’ve been having a blast getting dressed everyday. I’m going to show that shtuff off. I look cute and I know it! Okay, I hope it. And maybe you’ll be inspired to try some wild things and I can enjoy your posts rocking your funk.

This brings me to yesterday’s outfit. I started with a coral red j.crew dress. I wore it all summer with a white blazer on interviews. It was time to bring it into the fall. Hanging next to this in my closet was a purple plaid button down from Madewell. I love purple and coral together and a lightbulb went off when I saw the two together. I was a little nervous to pair them, I wasn’t sure if it would look too “jumper”ish. It needed a little edge, so I added a blingy statement piece from Bauble Bar (I will be writing a love letter to them very soon) and my adorable grey Splendid booties. To think I’ve gone YEARS without boots is hard to believe. I missed so many outfit opportunities. The only downside is that my hair was NOT working with me that day, and I ended up throwing it up in a fit of frustration. Next time this outfit comes out I vow to have a more awesome up-do.

Cute outfit brag: jcrew dress, madewell plaid button-down, baublebar necklace and splendid booties. Feeling pretty adorbs if I must say so myself

Cute outfit brag: jcrew dress, madewell plaid button-down, baublebar necklace and splendid booties. Feeling pretty adorbs if I must say so myself

So that’s my brag, and explanation. Thank you instagram and maggerific for giving me the forums to talk ad-naseum about what I wear. In the meantime I’ll be admiring your awesome outfits and rolling my eyes at the pointless selfies. Selfie responsibly people.
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