Thank you note to Bauble Bar

I’ve found in my time shopping that customer service can make a huge difference. If I get bad service chances are I will not be coming back, especially with the wealth of places to shop. If I get great service you better believe you have my loyalty. Even when I don’t have much money I will make a point of making my purchase with you before looking elsewhere.

I’ve been shopping with BaubleBar for about six months now. I used to sell Stella & Dot and while I love their styles the prices were just too high for costume pieces. I found BaubleBar via birchbox, stila, or another company I get frequent emails from. I was looking for some pieces to wear to my dad’s wedding and purchased a few statement necklaces and some earrings. I ended up being given a necklace to wear, but I loved the jewelry so much I kept it all and continue to wear it regularly. I’ve been buying myself little treats here and there ever since.

I recently bought a pair of Mariposa ear jackets. They cost $32 which seemed pretty reasonable for an earring as complicated as these are. The main earring is a stud and then you can choose to hook onto the back this great bejeweled dangly piece that hangs behind your ear. I was nervous at first, I wasn’t sure if my ear could pull off the trend. I couldn’t be more wrong. They look awesome. They work dressy, they work casual with jeans. They make every outfit.

My only complaint with the studs was that the back fell off. This was probably my fault entirely, because I played with my earrings to the point where I lost the little silicone piece that goes behind the actual back. The earring probably got caught in my scarf, and the stud disappeared. Luckily the best part, the dangly piece got caught inside my coat and I found it before it was too late.

A few days ago I was browsing on BaubleBar to see what studs I could buy to replace my missing piece. Money is tight and I was hoping to find something inexpensive rather than repurchasing the whole earring. I clicked on the “chat with a stylist” option and got to video chat (well my mic wasn’t working, so I typed and awkwardly smiled at the camera while she chatted) with a great service rep, Nikki. I asked for her advice on what to purchase, and boy did she surprise me. Nikki arranged for my missing piece to be replaced. All I have to do is mail back the old earrings. I couldn’t be more excited or thankful. So if you come across this Nikki, thank you thank you thank you!

new earrings, an adorable layering necklace, and a beauty blender!

new earrings, an adorable layering necklace, and a beauty blender!

When the new earrings arrived a week later I was FLOORED. Not only were the earrings and a friendly note from Nikki included, but a “cheer up” layering necklace and a Beauty Blender were included. Did BaubleBar read my mind to know I’ve been playing with layering necklaces and learning how to use a Beauty Blender? Probably not, but I like that they seem to know me pretty well.

I will be a loyal customer of BaubleBar forever now. And I insist everybody go and check out their pieces. I have a referral code you can use, but I must emphasize this is NOT a sponsored post, this a 100% Maggerific inspired piece sharing my favorites with you, the reader. Use the code, don’t use the code, but please check out BaubleBar!