The power of the outffit of the day (OOTD)

It’s a well known fact that women don’t dress up for men, they dress up for each other. And for me, it’s also for myself. Even if I’m not going to be seen by anybody, I love to put together a good outfit down to my sleepwear. It gives me some sort of giddy pleasure. It gives me purpose in an insane world, or some other Clueless-inspired quote.

I get the whole overabundance of selfies. No, I do not want to see a picture of you driving. Unless it’s hilarious. No, I do not care about you sitting at the computer at work. I understand if you’re just sending a cute picture to a friend, but the whole world? Come on. This is ONLY okay if it is some sort of a once in a blue moon situation, and if there is some sort of humor behind it (have you noticed the trend of needing humor in your selfies? remember this). I used to work with two young women who took selfies at work everyday. It wasn’t any type of special picture, they weren’t silly, they weren’t informative, it was just to show that they were there and smiling for whatever audience read their snapchats. I was always left scratching my head. But the people who have selfies with a purpose I not only understand, but even occasionally enjoy.

Hit a high note with your makeup today? Post it! I’ll like it. I want to see your cute outfit! That is, unless it’s almost the same outfit daily, just swapping the same shirt for a new color or print. That gets old and boring. But new combos? I love that stuff!

And in return, I have to submit my own personal wins. I spent nearly six years wearing scrubs. At first it was fun trying to dress those up. My most creative attempt was probably pairing polos or plaids underneath. My drawer of cute long sleeve shirts is a testament to my long attempts at perking up my daily uniform. Now that I’m free from that I’ve been having a blast getting dressed everyday. I’m going to show that shtuff off. I look cute and I know it! Okay, I hope it. And maybe you’ll be inspired to try some wild things and I can enjoy your posts rocking your funk.

This brings me to yesterday’s outfit. I started with a coral red j.crew dress. I wore it all summer with a white blazer on interviews. It was time to bring it into the fall. Hanging next to this in my closet was a purple plaid button down from Madewell. I love purple and coral together and a lightbulb went off when I saw the two together. I was a little nervous to pair them, I wasn’t sure if it would look too “jumper”ish. It needed a little edge, so I added a blingy statement piece from Bauble Bar (I will be writing a love letter to them very soon) and my adorable grey Splendid booties. To think I’ve gone YEARS without boots is hard to believe. I missed so many outfit opportunities. The only downside is that my hair was NOT working with me that day, and I ended up throwing it up in a fit of frustration. Next time this outfit comes out I vow to have a more awesome up-do.

Cute outfit brag: jcrew dress, madewell plaid button-down, baublebar necklace and splendid booties. Feeling pretty adorbs if I must say so myself

Cute outfit brag: jcrew dress, madewell plaid button-down, baublebar necklace and splendid booties. Feeling pretty adorbs if I must say so myself

So that’s my brag, and explanation. Thank you instagram and maggerific for giving me the forums to talk ad-naseum about what I wear. In the meantime I’ll be admiring your awesome outfits and rolling my eyes at the pointless selfies. Selfie responsibly people.
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Spaghetti yarn with golden meatballs

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.57.56 PM

I recently went from a very busy high pressure job in a doctor’s office to a quiet existence in a furniture showroom. Because there is only so much dusting to do and few customers to come in and move things around, I have started going a little nutty with my spare time. I needed something to do that kept my hands busy, because I do not always have access to a computer.

A few days ago I escaped took a walk to Duane Reade to get some snacks. I took a few wrong turns and ended up in front of Purl Soho. It was a knitting paradise with gorgeous yarns that all called my name. If I had the time I would’ve spent hours in there studying the different types of yarns and other projects they had (umm hello looming, I will be back for you!).

Getting good yarn is not cheap, but the color and texture is something quite special. This yarn is a wool/cashmere blend that I do not seem to be allergic to. I’ve been on the hunt for merlots and goldenrods lately. This yarn is a gorgeous golden orange with many different flecks of color in it. Now I would like to start dying my own yarn… oh boy, I’m getting ahead of myself. Project ADHD!

The yarn comes bundled in a wrapped-up form, not in a ball. I usually avoid the yarn balls at home (due to my cat stealing them and making them her own personal toys), but it’s a lot easier to knit from a ball, especially when you’re hiding it under your desk! The store was packed with other excited knitters and there was a long wait for them to ball the yarn for me. I returned to work and first made a mess of a tangle. This turned out to be a blessing.

I spent the last few days at work untangling and rolling the ball and it has been more relaxing than the act of knitting itself. I need to buy more yarn just to make yarn balls! Once I completed the ball I felt a sense of accomplishment and simultaneous sadness. I found a pattern online for my intended project (a knit earwarmer/headband) and quickly realized I am not good at following a pattern. I have created my own Maggie-pattern and will post instructions as soon as I can figure out what the heck I’m doing. One thing is for certain, I have no idea exactly what I’m doing just yet, but I know it will come out quite special.

Promises of updates soon!

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