Who are you drinking?

my new motto: #coffeefirst

my new motto: #coffeefirst

My new motto lately has been #coffeefirst. Yes. Hashtag included. I purchased a bracelet from Baublebar with that expression and it has taken over my mornings. I’m not what you’d call a morning person. I usually wake up sleep-drunk (it’s a real thing, google it) and completely bleary-eyed. Against my better judgement I’ve become somewhat of a coffee addict. Oops.

As I clutched my Starbucks mocha latte, aka pure sugar and caffeine that I couldn’t receive via IV drip, I realized coffee has become a fashion accessory. Your coffee cup is even more front and center than the bag you carry. Not to mention that shiny, pretty, manicure. Accent nail accented by a caramel macchiato.

nice mani

nice mani

Each type of coffee seems to correspond to specific designer bags. Starbucks is the Michael Kors of coffee. It has a designer status and is overpriced, but everybody has one. Sometimes Michael Kors will have a real hit of a bag, much like the Pumpkin Spice latte, but then it goes mainstream and suddenly every person and her mother are carrying one around. It’s completely lost whatever makes it unique.

Dunkin Donuts is that store brand bag that’s easily available on every corner or station stop. It’s functional, and the plain ones can be downright amazing (we all need a basic black bag or a black coffee), but try to add some design or flavor and it’s very hit or miss. The price is right, though.

Places like La Colombe are hidden gems. You’re privileged if you can find one and it’s more expensive than you could ever imagine a cup of coffee being. It’s the Chloe bag only a few people know to lust after, but those in the know can’t stop thinking about it.
BYO coffee, brought from home. An exotic blend? Nobody knows what is hiding in your mug. Naturally stylish. Off the radar. A little mysterious. May have some booze mixed in. You never know. This is a chance to show off your own personal flair with your choice of mug or tumbler, to take the attention off of the drink inside. This can also be an enormous risk. Much like the coffee turning lukewarm, so too, can your style.
One thing is for certain in this world of putting our coffees first for the world to see- we must always accessorize with a nice manicure.
love mags + coffee

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